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All about your Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease!

Lungs are the most important organ for respiration that makes human alive. It expands and relaxes more than a thousand times a day by bringing in fresh oxygen and flushing out carbon-di-oxide. The chronic obstructive lung Disease(COPD) is a disease that makes it hard to breathe. The airways become narrowed and make you cough, wheeze, and you may feel shortness of breath. In India, COPD is highly prevalent and it is one of the most affected countries in the world that is showing a high mortality rate. The sunrise IVF hospital had the best pulmonologist in Gurgaon who is so keen on detecting and providing exceptional treatment services to all kinds of lung-related disorders and diseases.

Causes of Pulmonary diseases

The main cause of COPD is that prolonged exposure to harmful substances like cigarette smoke. The main things that increase your risk of developing this disease are


Around 9 in every 10 people are affected because of smoking. The toxic chemicals in the smoke can damage the pleura of the lungs and also block the airways. Quitting smoking can save you from the dangers of the disease getting worsened.Others who get exposed to your smoke may also get the risk of developing the disease.

Occupational effects

When your workplace is so polluted and when you need to get exposed to certain types of dust and chemicals, they may increase the risk of developing COPD. Substances that can easily harm your lungs in the workplace include:

  • Cadmium dust and fumes

  • Grain and flour dust

  • Silica dust

  • welding fumes

  • Isocyanates

  • Coal dust

Air pollution

It has been recently suggested in research that long term exposure to certain air pollutants could increase the risk of developing COPD.


Certain genetic conditions in your body make you more vulnerable to acquire the disease. Around 1 in 100 people have the genetic tendency to develop this disease. For example, alpha-1-antitrypsin is a substance that protects the lungs. Deficiency of this substance at a younger age occurs when you smoke often. This lead to a higher risk of developing this disease.

Treatment of Pulmonary disease:

Stop smoking: Its never too late to quit your smoking. Imagine the benefits you derive when you quit smoking immediately when you come to know the risk of developing the disease.

Use of Inhalers: Always remember to carry your inhalers wherever you go. They immediately deliver the medication directly into your lungs as you breathe in and ease out the breathing problems.
Some of the types of inhalers are short acting and long acting bronchodilators and steroid inhalers. The bronchodilators widen the airway passage in your respiratory tract while steroid inhalers reduce the inflammation

Taking Medications: Our doctor prescribes medications if you don’t find relief while using inhalers. Theophylline tablets are prescribed to relax and open up your airways. The mucolytic tablets reduce the phlegm in your throat and make easier to cough up. A short course of antibiotics is also prescribed if you have signs of chest infection or rise in temperature.

Pulmonary rehabilitation: Here we design some special programs to help people cope up with lung problems. We provide certain physical exercise training, dietary advice, psychological and mental support.

Surgery: At last this is going to be the final method to save from the worst stage of COPD that could not be cured through medications. Our surgeons perform dedicated surgeries such as bullectomy, Lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation.
Bullectomy involves removing pockets of air from one of the lungs thereby allowing it to work better. In lung volume reduction, the part of the lung which is badly damaged is resected to make breathing more comfortable. In lung transplant, a healthy lung from a donor is used to replace the damaged lung.

Cost of Pulmonary disease treatment:

The average cost of undergoing treatment for COPD range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs.

Recovery from COPD:

The recovery largely depends on the stage of your COPD if it is in an initial or advanced stage. COPD requires lifelong disease management. It is required to follow the advice of the healthcare team and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Quitting smoking, doing workouts and intaking a healthy diet help you manage with the disease.
If you are struggling with COPD for many years, breathing in and out now becomes easy when you choose our clinic. Our pulmonologist quickly fixes your lung problems and aids you in providing the best treatment.